For when you need it most…

Nobody enjoys becoming embroiled in business, conveyancing or commercial disputes. Resolving such problems can prove time-consuming and expensive. One careless move or lack of attention can make things worse, rather than better.

If you end up in a dispute, you need an experienced legal team on your side – lawyers with experience across the spectrum of corporate disciplines and who have handled all types of conflict before.

At Ewan & Co our guiding principle is dispute resolution, rather than immediate litigation. It is far more cost-effective and faster than court action and the stakes are considerably lower. We offer mediation services to explore all options for manually acceptable and binding settlements.

However, rest assured, if a dispute is so ingrained that it cannot be solved amicably, we will protect your means through robust litigation. Our litigators are experienced in all areas of commercial, corporate and property conflicts. You will benefit from our business-minded approach, reliable advice and diligent approach to your case.

Whatever the dispute, whichever means of resolution, our focus is always the same: securing the best outcome for you.

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